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Wheel Repair

You can have the confidence that when you have your wheel repaired we thoroughly check it for straightness and fractures. We do multiple types of repairs including, but not limited to: cosmetic surface abrasions, TIG welding and straightening on aluminum wheels. Nu Wheel also has the capability to repair motorcycle wheels.

To determine if your wheel qualifies for a possible repair send us a picture through email. or

*Please note we cannot guarantee a rim is a definite repair from a picture

Nu Wheel can save you money with its wheel repair services, some thoughts to consider with your wheels...

They must be replaced if fractures or obvious deformation in 
the center hub or 
support structure exist.

Pay particular attention to deep scratches, since they may actually be fractures which could lead to wheel failure.

Please visit our showroom to see more on our
services for wheel repair and refinishing

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